Who Is Behind CleanText.org?

This project is a colaboration between Ben Zanin and Mekki MacAulay

Ben Zanin is a problem solver. He has broad technical experience with low-level operating system and hardware tuning and a strong data analysis and reporting skill set with SQL and custom one-off tools. He has performed enterprise class application management across multiple instances, operating systems and data centers.

Mekki MacAulay is the Principal of OSStrategy.org, a consulting firm that helps companies improve their competitive advantage and strategic positioning in a world embracing open source. Mekki is also the president and founder of MekTek Solutions, an IT services company based in Ottawa, ON. Mekki holds undergraduate degrees from Carleton University in Computer Systems Engineering, and Psychology, and a Master's degree in Technology Innovation Management. His research interests focus on open source adoption; open source ecosystem value creation, extraction, and keystone company positioning; and quantifying the value of passive participation in open source projects.

Please note that we are not affiliated with Apimac who apparently has a desktop application with a similar name for Mac operating systems. More info at their site.